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Bathroom control center, Tokyo, Japan, (c) Airin Kawasaki Uematsu

Bathroom control center, Tokyo, Japan [© Airin Kawasaki Uematsu]

It would seem that in Japan they really like to control some of the more "personal" aspects of their daily lives.

Mi fiance sent me this picture from the place she is staying currently in Tokyo, Japan. It depicts the control center for the bathroom. I was intrigued and amused at the second icon from the left, it seems to be for cleaning the nether regions after the deed is done (complete with a selection of the water pressure used).

But it gets more interesting when you see the buttons on the right, which control the volume used to create a flushing sound to mask any impolite noise one is producing while visiting the restroom. And there is also a "powerful deodorizer" to avoid offending the noses of those who could be nearby (even your own).

It seems that there is a seat warmer built in. And the machine also uses warm water for the cleaning action. That should be good in winter I guess. I know several of you would like to have one like this at home, but the problem is that you cannot get these toilets on your local hardware store... yet.

Our son is here!

Our son Daniel Ken was born on March 09, 2009 at 14:39 PET (UTC - 5). We are happier than we've ever been in our lives.

Now the real work begins, helping a new life develop into this world.

-- Mom and Dad

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