Haloscan: good idea, but unreliable


Some people had contacted me complaining that sometimes my site was not available, and when I checked it usually was because the required code from Haloscan was not loading (usually because Haloscan was down). So after a good number of these events happened, I lost patience and removed all traces of Haloscan code (even an unreleased Halotrack mambot I wrote).

Bottomline: even though I like the remote trackbak idea from the Haloscan people, the unreliability of their delivered code (some JS file), makes it not worth the time right now. Perhaps I should be a tad less lazy and code something based on PEAR::Services_Trackback, as a mambot/component mixture, or look at the code in Wordpress or some other such blog system. But this is not on the top of my queue at the moment.

Our son is here!

Our son Daniel Ken was born on March 09, 2009 at 14:39 PET (UTC - 5). We are happier than we've ever been in our lives.

Now the real work begins, helping a new life develop into this world.

-- Mom and Dad

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